Terms of Service


    By accessing https://nexusnet.io ("Website") and registering, you agree to these Terms of Service ("TOS") with GlobalNet Technologies LLC. If you disagree, cease use immediately. For underage users, explicit parental consent is required .


    Complete registration with accurate information. Account details are confidential, and sharing with Sub-Users is allowed, with the user assuming responsibility for their actions.


    Account may be blocked for incorrect login attempts or promo-code misuse. Suspension may occur for TOS violations or inappropriate use .


    Access Residential Proxies to browse the Internet anonymously. System functionality details are provided in your Account .

  5. TRIAL

    Trial access is available for new users. Duplicate accounts are not allowed. Cancel before trial end to avoid charges .

  6. FEES

    Choose a Pricing Plan and pay fees in advance for System access. Auto-renewal may apply. Unpaid fees lead to suspension and potential Account deletion .

    • Users must select a Pricing Plan and pay Fees in advance for System access.
    • Fee amount depends on the selected Pricing Plan. Details are available in the System.
    • Payments are made through chosen methods, including cryptocurrency or Payment Processors.
    • Subscription auto-renews. Users are charged upfront for the next period.
    • Autorenewal may not be available for cryptocurrency payments. Users manually initiate payments.
    • Fees are due on the first day of use. Billing includes Pricing Plan cost and additional traffic charges.
    • Amounts in fiat currency to avoid cryptocurrency exchange rate fluctuations.
    • Company may request additional cryptocurrency payment if received amount is less than fiat equivalent.
    • Unpaid Fees lead to System suspension, potential Account deletion after 10 days.
    • Fees do not include taxes; users are responsible for applicable taxes and charges.
    • Company can refuse orders for reasons like System non-availability, errors, fraud suspicion.
    • Company may amend Fee rates and payment terms at its discretion. Changes apply https://chat.openai.com/c/50704a99-de26-42fc-8b11-444f66787664 upon publication.
    • If you disagree with amended Fee rates/terms, cease use after paid period.

    This restructuring provides a clearer and organized presentation of the Terms of Service.

    This concise version provides additional information on the fee structure and payment process.


    1. Each Client has the opportunity to receive compensation for introducing a New Client under the conditions outlined below. The Company compensates the Client for specific actions taken by the New Client, such as clicking the referral link, registering as a New Client, and purchasing a Pricing Plan, as detailed below.
    2. The Client must utilize the referral link available in their Account, which can be shared with an unlimited number of individuals not already using the System ("New Client").
    3. If the New Client clicks the shared referral link, visits the Website, registers on the System using the referral link, and/or purchases a Pricing Plan, the Client receives Bitcoins according to the terms specified in the Referral Program accessible on the System.
    4. New Client actions (website visits, registrations, and plan purchases) with the referral link are recorded by the Tracking System and undergo an anti-fraud check. Some actions may not pass the Company’s anti-fraud check and will not be compensated, including those generated by device emulators, programs, robots, created in bad faith, a result of errors or fraudulent activity, not consistent with these TOS, or in violation of applicable laws.
    5. f New Clients' clicks, registrations, and purchases that have passed the Company’s anti-fraud check. Unapproved actions do not contribute to the total remuneration.
    6. The number of New Clients’ clicks, registrations, and purchases is provided to the Client by the Company through the Tracking System, reflected in the Account, and agreed upon as the most reliable source for calculating remuneration.
    7. Remuneration for each New Client’s action is displayed in the Account, along with the current total remuneration under the Referral Program.
    8. Payments are made monthly in Bitcoins to the Client's Bitcoin wallet, with any applicable taxes or fees deducted by the Company.
    9. The Company reserves the right to withhold or reduce payments if the Client breaches any material term of these TOS or violates other entity's terms, conditions, laws, or regulations related to TOS.
    10. The Client agrees to promote the System and distribute the referral link accurately and ethically, avoiding practices that could harm the Company’s reputation, using deceptive methods, making false statements, or violating TOS.

    By using the System, You agree to use it for lawful purposes and in accordance with these TOS. Prohibited uses include:

    • Intentionally interfering with or damaging the operation of the System or others' use through malicious activities.
    • Violating national or international laws or regulations.
    • Harming minors or sending spam.
    • Infringing upon the rights of others, engaging in illegal, threatening, fraudulent, or harmful activities.
    • Impersonating others or attempting to circumvent use restrictions.
    • Using automatic technologies to access the System.

    1. The Client represents and warrants:
      • Legal persons have the necessary corporate power and authority to execute TOS.
      • Natural persons have reached the minimum age required to fulfill obligations under TOS.
      • Execution of TOS does not violate any law.
      • All submitted data to the Company is true, accurate, and correct.
      • Avoiding prohibited use specified in TOS.
      • Not generating fraudulent New Clients’ actions.
    2. Company warrants whitelisted Residential Proxies; other functionalities are provided "as is" or "as available," with disclaimers of other warranties.
    3. The above does not affect warranties excluded or limited under applicable law.

    1. Parties are responsible for non-compliance and improper fulfillment of obligations under TOS and applicable laws.
    2. The Client is responsible for understanding local laws related to bitcoin payments and cryptocurrency use, indemnifying the Company for any damages resulting from legal violations.
    3. The Client shall reimburse the Company for losses resulting from TOS violation or breaches of laws and regulations.
    4. The System is provided "AS IS" with no guarantees for indirect damages or investment risks.
    5. The Company is not liable for actions of third parties or mistaken payments to the wrong Bitcoin wallet.
    6. Company liability for any claim related to TOS shall not exceed one Pricing Plan's cost.

    System, content, and functionalities are the exclusive property of the Company, protected by copyright, trademark, and other laws.


    The Company processes personal data according to the Privacy Policy, available on the Website.


    Third-Party Applications are provided by external service providers, and the Company disclaims liability for losses arising from their use.


    Parties agree not to disclose Confidential Information to third parties, ensuring confidentiality for information on the Client and operations.


    Communication channels are specified in TOS, and the Company is not responsible for Client’s failure to receive notices.


    TOS are in effect until terminated. The Client can delete the Account, and the Company can terminate if TOS are violated. Termination does not release Parties from surviving obligations.


    Disputes are subject to negotiation, and any court action occurs in the courts at the Company's place of registration.


    The Company can unilaterally amend TOS by publishing updates in the System. The Client agrees to changes by continuing to use the System.

    Feel free to send your feedback, comments, and queries for technical support to [email protected].